14 September 2018

Moving Home – Ultimate checklist

Anyone that has moved to a new house will agree that it’s one of the most challenging things we must go through, both physically and emotionally. There is the dreaded moving day, all the overwhelming emotions, stress and anxiety. But moving to a new house is also exciting! A fresh start, a new beginning, and the potential for new home gifts from family and friends. We have plenty of experience when it comes to moving to a new house. So to help you with your next move, we’ve prepared this handy checklist.

Moving Home – Ultimate checklist
  1. Plan six weeks ahead
    The golden rule is to plan your move six weeks before your move date Firstly, get removal quotes and references from local companies. Shop around and get the best deal to suit you. Also get family and friends involved, the more hands to help the better.
  1. Have a clear out
    Start getting rid of things you no longer need - Moving to a new house is an excellent time for a clear out. Having a car boot sale will help you clear out all the clutter you may have and put a little back in your wallet, moving costs are the worst so every little will help.  Alternatively, you could donate unwanted items to charity.
  1. Organise Storage
    Make sure you have enough boxes- Go to your local shops and ask them to keep their boxes for you, this will save you from buying storage boxes. Remember to label each box with what's inside, so you can quickly identify all your belongings in your new home. Organisation and planning are crucial to making your move seamless! 
  1. Moving Month
    Time for a change of address notifications - The day is approaching, and you’re currently living out of boxes. Don’t forget to notify utility companies and switch home insurance to your new home address. Also, send out the change of address emails and messages to friends and family and arrange for the post to be delivered to your new home
  2. Moving week
    This week is all about confirming the plans you have put in place - Pay the people who are helping you move, getting your new keys, defrost the freezer and use up all your food. On the morning of the move, when everyone is about to leave, give yourself a few minutes to go around the house for a final check. Make sure all windows and doors are secured and locked – enjoy this moment, say goodbye and reminisce on all the memories you have made here.


Then that’s it-you did it —you have moved out­­ —and all you must do now is unload your life into your new home. A new chapter has begun, enjoy it. Pop the kettle on and have a moment in your new home!

We hope you found these tips useful!

 If your considering moving house, please get in touch with us on info@homesindependent.co.uk Our passion is to find you, your dream home, let’s see what we can do for you!



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