05 October 2018

Childproofing Your New Home

Moving to a new house is a very exciting time for families, a fresh start and a new beginning. All these emotions can distract us from what really matters! One huge thing people forget to do when moving into their new home is childproofing! Childproofing your new home is essential to keeping your baby safe. Be prepared to childproof the, bathroom, kitchen, fireplace - any area of your house that poses a threat to your child.

Childproofing Your New Home

Check out our invaluable guide to proofing your home to protect your little ones.

Get rid of tripping hazards

Adding soft plastic covers to furniture's sharp corners keeps your baby from getting cut if they take a tumble. Installing baby gates at the top and bottom of stairs mean they can't get up or down without an adult. Carpeted stairs soften the blow of a stumble and keeping your staircase free of toys to avoid them falling over on their stairs.

Protect their little fingers

As parents, I’m sure you have encountered a moment where your little one has discovered plug sockets? Sockets are right at eye-level, and it can be tempting to stick their fingers into them or other objects (such as bits of metal) into them which can be so dangerous. Plug socket protectors are essential for every home with little ones they shield the open sockets making it look less tempting. You can purchase these on Amazon or most supermarkets sell them also.

Remember to anchor the furniture

Falls and collisions with furniture are the biggest dangers to your child, so you'll want to add cushioned corner guards or edging to coffee and side tables, and any other sharp-cornered surfaces. Little ones love to climb on furniture. Move everything away from your windows so baby can't climb up. The TV is a huge target for little ones, try to get it high up or placed on the wall so they can't get at it.

 Kitchen Danger

To children’s imaginations, opening those kitchen cupboards is like taking the first steps into Narnia, the bright coloured cleaning products are for sure to play with if they get into the cupboard. To prevent this, keep all dangerous clearing products away high up in a place they cannot reach.  

We hope you found these tips useful!

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